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Welcome to Armour Publishing's website. We are a leading publisher committed to publishing books with a purpose — books marked by good values for Asia and the world. We endeavour to publish books that are essential for personal, professional and spiritual development.


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Want to read the Revival Study Bible on the go?

Now you can using Logos Bible Software for your phone! Get it at 25% off, when you pre-order now.

Utilizing the NKJV, the studies in this Bible treat Scripture as the centerpiece of all revivals, and highlight God’s work by providing
inspiring accounts of supernatural events, miracles, and other awe-inspiring works of God. The Revival Study Bible also addresses
methods and principles for bringing future revivals to Christians around the globe.

To pre-order the Revival Study Bible, click here to find out more about the download!




Scamper from the Blue Budgie Can't Stay Still series is now on Facebook!

Take part in giveaway contests and win prizes at



Empower yourselves to fitness and health with Matthew and Frederick today!

Transform is now online at



"Yar!" The Pittodrie Pirates are now online!

Check out their home on the Web at






Check out the interview Armour Publishing had with Sean Seah here.


Sean is an investor, author and speaker in the area of personal finance and investing. After graduating in Business Studies with first class honours, Sean went on to build a career in the civil service. He began investing after meeting some friends who were seasoned investors.

He has been featured in The Sunday Times and is frequently invited to investment and finance conferences, book fairs and many other seminars where he shares his experiences and practical advice.

He is the author of Winning the Money Game, Gone Fishing with Buffet and Financial Joy.



Left: Sean Seah poses for a picture with international speaker, Mary Buffet







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Joyful Readers Series (Level 2)

Joyful Readers is a series of 18 books designed to help preschoolers develop their reading skills in a systematic way. Comprising three levels, this series provides a gradual introduction of new words with frequent repetition to ensure rapid learning in your child.

LeveL 2 provides more practice in blending new sounds, use of other letter combinations and more sight words.



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Joyful Readers Series (Level 1)

Joyful Readers is a series of 18 books designed to help preschoolers develop their reading skills in a systematic way. Comprising three levels, this series provides a gradual introduction of new words with frequent repetition to ensure rapid learning in your child.

LeveL 1 introduces words commonly used in the English language, which are mainly 3-letter words that can be sounded.



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Virtual Realms, Real Needs: How to Guide Your Children in a World of Videogames

The new generation is growing up with electronic games, be they on mobile devices, consoles or personal computers. In this world of videogames, it can be a challenge guiding your children as they experience this thrilling yet potentially addictive pastime — whether you yourself are a gamer or not.

When does gaming become an addiction? How and why do children and teens get hooked? In what ways can your family reap the benefits of gaming, while protecting yourselves from the risks? In this book, psychologist, avid gamer and father of two kids Ray Chua shows you the answers in clear, non-technical terms, and explains how you can manage your children’s gaming, identify addiction and seek help.


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The Unequal Yoke: When Two May Not Walk Together

In marriage, husband and wife are yoked together. For such a bond, Scripture warns Christian believers not to be ‘unequally yoked’ with non-believers (2 Corinthians 6:14). Such a marriage will be weakened, strained or even break apart.

But love can take us by surprise, and some Christians do end up in the unequal yoke with non-Christians. In this insightful new book drawing from both Scripture and practical experience, pastor David Wong reveals the causes and consequences of such a union, and why the dangers may not be obvious to the couple at first. This is followed by a clear exposition of the biblical view of marriage, as a guide for such couples and their loved ones to act in love when two may not walk together.


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Blue Budgie Can't Stay Still

Join Scamper, the inquisitive and feisty blue budgie, and his human friend on a series of intriguing experiences at Prince Philip Avenue! Take in the sights and sounds of this uniquely Singaporean neighbourhood and revel in the beauty of what may seem ‘extra-’ ordinary.

You and your family will treasure the Blue Budgie Can’t Stay Still series for years to come!


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Transform: Empower Yourself to Fitness and Health

TRANSFORM yourself to fitness and health now! In this powerful new book, fitness enthusiast Matthew Lou and physician Dr Frederick Ee have come together to share simple steps that you can take to attain your weight-related goals, improve your fitness level and ultimately enjoy better health.

Transform is the book to ignite that spark within you. Be ready to change, be ready to transform!


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A Faith-Driven Identity

The Christian is identified with Christ. From there, we derive further identities before the Lord — as His children, disciples and servants. But because these terms are so familiar, many believers need to be acquainted with the life-changing power of our identities. God’s grace saves us, and we must truly understand how it also empowers us as His children to do great things for Him.

Packed with Bible teacher T C Choong’s experiences leading people to find peace and healing in Christ, this book explains:

• The truth that our new identities in God are actually at the core of the Scriptures

• The question of whether we can lose our Christian salvation through excessive sin

• How the grace of God really saves and transforms us to do mighty works in His Name, wherever we are in life.


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The Bedside Palliative Medicine Handbook

Palliative care is an approach to treatment of patients suffering from life-limiting illnesses that focuses on improving the quality of life for them and their families, by providing relief from physical, emotional and spiritual suffering. It is now recognised as a specialty and has become an integral part of good patient care in the continuum of treatments for cancer and chronic illnesses.

To be able to provide good palliative care requires both sound clinical knowledge and compassion. The editors and contributors of The Bedside Palliative Medicine Handbook have taken great care to provide readers with a clear, succinct and practical guide to palliative medicine, which will be useful to all medical practitioners by the patient’s bedside.


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Remembering the Lord

The majestic whales of the ocean are the largest creatures God has made. They possess excellence of heart, hearing and habit, qualities that the prophets of the Old Testament also had in their spirits.

In Remembering the Lord, a collection of 67 devotions on the Minor Prophets, you will learn how these 12 men of God bravely testified of God’s power and glory, despite the times of backsliding and danger they lived in. Yet they pointed ahead to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ — and each of their books, from Hosea to Malachi, still speaks today with God’s love and authority.

As you go through times of testing like them, will you still lead an excellent life like they did? Will you remember the Lord?


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Social 'M'

Does your start-up need exposure, promotion and branding that is known to everyone? Now marketing opportunities once only open to the big boys are available to you at very low cost. Let Jacky Tan, who has spent years transforming small start-ups into successful brands, show you the secrets to:

• Building an adaptable, yet strong and competitive brand

• Positioning your company as an expert in your field to millions of potential customers around the world

• Ensuring your start-up is well-featured in media everywhere — from Internet search engines to print publications.

Packed full of strategies and tips for navigating today's world of social media, Social M has been called 'inspired', a 'must-read' and 'the most timely and relevant tactical marketing manual on the planet for small business marketers' by business authorities around the world. Read this book, and start pulling ahead of far bigger competitors today!


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