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Join us at the Imagine | Native Creative Fest for Kids from 27 May to 12 June 2016!

27 May 

  • Our Singa & the Kindness Cubbies Series mascot will be present to greet visitors!
  • Book signing with Jonathan Lim, author of Ace Your Exams
  • Join Anita Sebastian, author of the Ranger Anne Series, for a storytelling session and workshop

28 May

  • Art & Writing workshop with Lynette Morrison and Lee Kowling, author and illustrator of the Pittodrie Pirates Series

29 May

  • Storytelling session and workshop with Anita Sebastian, author of the Ranger Anne Series

4 June

5 June

  • Storytelling session with Pauline Loh, author of Playtime with Ye Ye
  • Sarah Lam, author of the Singa and the Kindness Cubbies Series, will be present for a storytelling activity!

8 June


Preorder Timmy & Tammy (Set 4) now! You can now also get all Timmy & Tammy Level 1 and Level 2 books as a set, along with The Amazing Timmy & Tammy Activity Book! 

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