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Armour Boxes



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1 x ARMOUR NEW RELEASE: Timmy & Tammy Guide to Good Manners by Ruth Wan

Good manners are so important for everyone to be happy together!

They help us to be loving to our family, friends and people around us. Learn with Timmy and Tammy as they practise good manners in their daily lives.


1 x Timmy & Tammy Spending Time With Dad (Level 3) by Ruth Wan-Lau

Timmy is excited to have a special date with Dad. What will they do and what will it be like?


1 x Timmy & Tammy Guide to Primary One & Activity Book Bundle

Timmy and Tammy are ready for primary school—are you? Read all about what they encounter and you’ll learn some important lessons and tips as you start your exciting primary school journey!

Through creative activities, Guide To Primary One Activity Sheets impresses upon little ones the joy of learning and the excitement of going to primary school. It helps children learn important skills, such as packing their school bags, buying food at the canteen, and getting to school on time, in fun and challenging ways.


1 x Le Box – Sewing Kit



1 set x Blue Budgie Can’t Stay Still Series by Mabelle Yeo

(Book 1-3)

Join Scamper, the inquisitive and feisty blue budgie, and his human friend on a series of intriguing experiences at Prince Philip Avenue! Take in the sights and sounds of this uniquely Singaporean neighbourhood and revel in the beauty of what may seem ‘extra-’ordinary. You and your family will treasure the Blue Budgie Can’t Stay Still series for years to come!


1 x Le Box – Sewing Kit