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1 x Ordinary Oliver and the Vicious Victor by Ryan Khor

Oliver and his friends face their most dangerous opponent yet. 

Vicious Victor is cunning, merciless, and has unbelievable powers! How can they defeat him? Discover hidden secrets about your beloved characters, and the truth behind the monster attacks. Not to be missed, this climatic book 3 promises to be the most exciting yet!


1 x Ordinary Oliver and the Venomous Visitor by Ryan Khor

In planet Rubius where everyone has a super power, 10-year-old Oliver stands out for the wrong reasons—he doesn’t know what his super power is! 

Faced with a discipline master who does not trust him, powerful people who want him expelled at all costs and a strange visitor that strikes fear in the hearts of all Rubians, Oliver has way too much to handle. Can he overcome the challenges ahead and become the superhero that he has always dreamt of?


1 x Ordinary Oliver and the Veiled Villain by Ryan Khor



Could it be the new student Harry? Why is he so keen to be tutored by Oliver? It’s a race against time for Mr Chapman and Mrs Wooisworth as they rush to uncover the secret behind the monster attack and discover who the veiled villain is, before it’s too late.



1 x Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER Series: Singapore’s Sports Stars by Hwee Goh

Singapore’s sports stars are rising up to achieve sporting success. Come discover the inspiring stories of grit and gold that have helped our athletes—including Olympians and Paralympians—overcome challenges and become role models for everyone today.


1 x Timmy & Tammy DISCOVER Series: Singapore Hawker Food by Lianne Ong
Join Timmy and Tammy as they discover amazing and inspiring facts about our culture, our people and our home, Singapore!

Singaporeans regularly eat their meals at hawker centres. But did you know that hawker centres did not always exist in Singapore? What is your favourite hawker food? Come to discover some of Singapore’s most popular hawker food, and learn about what you can do to preserve our hawker food heritage!

“The preservation of our hawker culture needs to start with the next generation and this informative little book is a great way to get our little Singaporeans to start appreciating our hawker food!”

Dr Leslie Tay Author and gastronomic adventurer at ieatishootipost.sg


1 x Timmy & Tammy Guide to Cyber Wellness by Ruth Wan

Computers, handphones and tablets are necessary for our daily lives. They help us in communication as well as provide us with information and entertainment. How should Timmy and Tammy handle the use of such devices among family and friends?