Interview with Stephen Chan of the ‘Dads to Lead’ Series


Interview with Stephen Chan of the ‘Dads to Lead’ Series

Hi Stephen! We’re excited to have launched the Dads to Lead Series with you, a series of devotionals that encourage dads (and mums too!) to lead

devotional sessions within the family.

As a parent yourself, how important do you feel family devotions are to the spiritual growth of your children?

Let’s face it, if children need formal education and even tuition for their intellectual growth, why should spiritual growth be any different? Being a Sunday School teacher myself, I can say that we can only impart knowledge. It is the family that builds spiritual character. If the family doesn’t pray together, read the bible together, then you are leaving the child’s spiritual growth to chance – and it almost never works out! Family devotions are the only way to guarantee that.

What are some ways you’d recommend fathers to take the lead in sharing the true meaning of Christmas this December?

I always advocate teachable moments and this time of the year is the best time! There are so many lessons to be taught in the malls and restaurants! Show them around any mall, ask them to identify things that are related to Christmas. At the end of the day, ask them what was missing. It would be Jesus! Talking about that–the devotional book Christmas: The Rescue Mission brings you deep into the Christmas story like you have never seen it before. It is truly an amazing story and it is another great way to share with your children the true meaning of Christmas.


What message would you want to share with your readers this Jubilee Christmas?

The timeless message of Christmas has always been about faith, hope and love – Faith in God, Hope in God, and Love from God. And as the disciple Paul says the greatest of these is Love, so I wish everyone a Christmas where God’s love becomes tangible to you and to your loved ones

Thanks, Stephen!


Stephen Chan has been serving in Bedok Methodist Church’s Children’s Ministry for almost 10 years as a teacher and worship leader. He has organised and taught in children’s bible camps and has written several series of children’s devotion materials. He is also a certified facilitator of the Parenting with Confidence programme.

His books can be found here:

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