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About Us


Who We Are

With over 300 titles in the market, Armour Publishing is one of Singapore’s leading independent publishers, with distribution networks in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Europe and the United States.

Since its founding in 1991, Armour Publishing has specialised in books for the Christian and General markets. In the Christian market, it is best known for its Revival Study Bible, an internationally commissioned title that is sold worldwide, as well as for its titles by Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon, former Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore (2000–2012). One of his titles was selected and published as an excerpt version by Our Daily Bread Ministries and Discovery House, USA. Titled God in the Stable, more than 160,000 copies of this Discovery Series booklet have been distributed worldwide.

In the General market, Armour Publishing is known for its inspirational titles and titles on marriage, family and parenting. It also has a strong range of children’s titles, having worked with well-loved children’s writers from around the world, including Joy Cowley and Ken Spillman. The Joy Cowley Well-Being Series has sold more than 100,000 copies in several languages. In 2015, a new children’s series Timmy and Tammy by Ruth Wan-Lau, was selected to be given to all Singaporean babies born in 2015—over 175,000 copies of the series have been distributed, a unique accolade for any local publisher!

Armour Publishing is committed to promoting local writers and helping them leapfrog onto the international stage. Its bestselling motivational series for teens, Why? by Teo Aik Cher has sold over 20,000 copies, been translated multiple times and been sold to China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. Armour Publishing has also sold the rights of its titles to countries like Ghana, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria and South Korea.


What We Do

Armour publishes books for three main markets: Christian, General and Children’s, targeted at Singapore and beyond.

For the Christian market, we publish books that give voice to local and regional Christian writers whose insights honour God and build up His people, for His glory. Books for the Christian market come under the Genesis imprint, under the following categories: Christian Living, Marriage & Family, Christian Response & Social Issues, Church Ministry and Leadership, Devotionals, History & Theological Resources, Missions, Teaching & Exposition and True Stories.

For the General market, we publish non-fiction books, for personal and professional development. Books for the General market come under the main Armour imprint, under the following categories: Marriage & Family, Biography, Business & Management, Food & Travel, General Health & Medical and Living & Wellness.

For the Children’s market, we publish fiction and non-fiction books that promote good values, including National Education values. For the preschool (3 to 6 years old) and primary school market (7 to 12 years old), our books help children to learn to read and grow their love for reading through compelling stories with good values. Books for the Children’s market come under the Little Knights imprint.

Armour also extends our services to organisations and individuals, to produce commemorative publications, corporate materials and biographies. This one-stop consultancy service covers editorial, design and printing services, known as Contract Publishing.


Our Imprints



What We Believe

We believe that books are compelling ways to spread God-honouring wisdom and knowledge.

We believe that words are powerful. They bring awareness, acceptance and action, if used wisely.


Our Statement of Faith

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